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Trooberry is developed by Mobility Applied, LLC

Mobility Applied, LLC is a not affiliated with any other companies or organizations. This privacy policy will explain how our organization uses the personal data we collect from you when you use the Trooberry app.

What data do we collect?

Free version: Collects no data whatsoever. All of your data is stored on your device and nowhere else.

Cloud version: Collects the following data for syncing and sharing purposes:

  • Personal identification: Your email address.
  • Storage: Documents and meta data (type of document, when it was created, who has access to the document and what kind of access).
  • Profile data: An optional user name, settings related to your profile visibility and whether or not you are accepting share invitations, and your saved Trooberry contacts.
  • Tags: Your tags, their colors, and their names.

How do we collect your data?

Free version: Collects no data whatsoever. All of your data is stored on your device and nowhere else.

Cloud version:

  • Your email address when you create an account.
  • Your optional username when you make/change one.
  • Your profile visibility and invitation settings as you change them.
  • Your saved Trooberry contacts list.
  • Document data as you create, update, or share documents.
  • Your tags as you create or change them.


Free version: Collects no data whatsoever.

Cloud version: No user data is ever used for marketing or alternative purposes like data mining. All user data is collected for the essential functions of the Trooberry app. For example, your email is required to authenticate your access to your documents. Your documents, tags, and contacts are stored to sync and protect access to your data across devices. No data is sold or used in any other way.

You have the right to control your privacy

Free version: Runs only on one device and is not synced. It collects no data. You have full access and control over everything it stores on your device.

Cloud version:

  • Profile: There are three tiers of profile accessibility that you can change at any time:
    • Private: No other users can view your profile.
    • Limited: Only users you specify (by email address) can view your profile.
    • Public: Any user can view your profile.
  • Contacts: Your contacts are private to your account. Your contact list, your ignore list, your settings relating to who can see your profile or invite you to their documents is entirely private, controlled by you, and cannot be read by other users. When you delete a contact from your contacts list it is completely deleted.
  • Documents: You control access to the documents you create:
    • Sharing: You can invite other Trooberry users as Editors or Readers. Editors can edit your document (though only you can change your document’s title). Readers can only read your document.
    • Leaving/Deleting: As an Editor or a Reader you can always Leave a document which removes your access to that document. As the creator of a document, you can always delete it. Deleting a document completely erases it everywhere and removes all shared access to it. Such changes are synced to all devices with access to the document and will happen as quickly as syncing allows.
  • Tags: Your tags, their names and colors, are only visible to you. Though they sync across your devices they are not technically part of the documents you share. You can always make, update, and delete your tags. As always, deleting is complete and final.
  • Account: You can always delete your account and doing so deletes all of the documents you have created as well as your account profile and tags. All data associated with your account will be erased. This step is final. If you re-create your account it will be a new account with none of your previous documents, tags, or contacts.

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