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Close-up of blueberries with added trooberries (fictional multicolored berries with stars) interspersed among them.

Your lists and notes come to life on your phone or tablet, in light or dark mode

Promo image of Trooberry app on iPhone and iPad.

Rich text notes and intuitive checklists synced across your devices as you use them. Added a comma? It's synced right away. Chcked off avocados on the shopping list? Everyone sharing that list sees it right away.

Create tags with 70 colors, find by color and topic.

Promo image of Trooberry app on two iPhones shoing a list of tags in one a detail view of one tag in the other.

Use and combine colorful tags to add vibrance and meaning to your documents. Colors blend into each other beautifully. Click on a tag to see everything you've tagged with it. Click on a tagged item to go right to it.

Share documents

Promo image of Trooberry app on iPhone showing basic social settings.

Sync and manage access: Give your contacts edit or read-only access to your notes and checklists. All changes are synced in real time so when your friend checks off an item in your list, that change shows up immediately. You can invite or rescind access to a document at any time. You can also promote a reader to an editor or demote an editor to a reader.

Manage visibility

Who can find your profile?

  • Private: No one can see your profile. Good for when everyone you want to interact with has already saved your profile to their contacts.
  • Limited: Only those you allow can see your profile. Good for when you're trying to connect with your friends
  • Public: Anyone can see your profile. Good for when you don't know who you'll want to connect with.

Manage availability

Who can invite you to their document?

  • Private: All invitations are automatically denied. You don't even see them.
  • Limited: Only invitations from approved contacts are shown. All others are automatically denied.
  • Public: All invitations from unblocked accounts are shown.